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The longer subscription period you buy the lowest cost per month you get.
Functionality is identical.

China Optimization Network

99 servers in 69 countries

Unlimited bandwidth

Up to 3 devices simultaneously

Windows, Mac, Android, iOS etc.

Moneyback Guarantee

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1 Month Plan
Billed $11.95 for 1 month

Save 16%limited offer


6 Months Plan
Billed $71.70 $59.95 for 6 months

Save 74%Most Favorite!


Billed $430.20 $109.95 for 3 years

We celebrate 3 years!

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Your questions

Do you have registration form and client area?

No, we do not need your personal information and time wasted on the registration.

What do I get after buying it?

You will get an access to VPN, as well as website tools premium package, such as proxy list è Proxy Checker.

After the successful receipt and processing of your payment you will get an access code. This code will allow you to get access to the desired services.

How do I use the service that I paid for?

You receive this service directly on our website. Namely, you can select the desired option in the site navigation bar at the top.

How do you keep track of time usage?

At the moment when you activate your code on our website, we start keeping track of your time usage until it completely expires, regardless of how often you use the service.

How long can be stored unactivated code?

We do not have any expiration date for the access codes you buy. So you can even buy and save a few for your grandchildren :)

Can I extend a subscription code that has expired?

In order to extend the use of the service, you must buy a new code and use it when the old one has expired. The code that has expired cannot be extended, but you can exchange it for extra charge and get a new one.

Are there any traffic or speed restrictions?

No, there are no traffic and speed restrictions for Web-Proxy and VPN.

ÓYou will have the same speed as you are getting from your current internet provider considering such factors as the distance to the server (faraway — slowly, closer — faster), the overall performance of the Internet infrastructure of the country and the place where the server is located (so do not be surprised if the speed of server is low on the island of Java in Indonesia), etc.

Are there any other restrictions?

There are only logical and understandable to all users. For example, you can not violate the laws of the country where a particular server is located and used by you, as well as commit unlawful acts that are relative to other users and objects of the Internet (spam, fraud, hacking, etc.). Make sure you read terms of use!

What happens if I cannot use the service?

We will make every effort to help you to find the problem and make successful connection to our service. Also, we can help to change settings over a remote desktop in difficult situations. If it comes to worst and we could not help you, we will cancel the purchase and refund your money back.

Refunds are also available at any time up to 30 days from date of purchase in accordance with Refund Policy.

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